Corner of Italy

Experience a Relais Chateau 30 min. from Rome!

An incredibly memorable experience at a relais chateau just 30 minutes from Rome! Fully decked out with a tennis court, heliport, indoor swimming pool, located right on the water. The chefs prepare incredible food freshly every day as you bask in centuries of history that surrounds you. These villas were originally constructed for Roman aristocratic families to spend summer vacations when the city became too hot, the wealthy took refuge at their “buen retiro” maximum of 30 kilometers from their city residence.

Times change but the atmosphere is still unique. Staying in such a unique location such as this, you can feel and understand what life was like and how the wealthy lived, as you’re surrounded by elements that were part of their lifestyle. While some measures have been taken to update the property, it still feels like a 400+ year old summer home. Transportation from Fiumicino airport is 15 min or 45 min from the center of Rome. Interested in reliving history here for your next vacation? Countess Concierge can help you plan!