Personal Shopper in Rome Barbara Lessona Chic Fashion for Women

Elegant Fashion for Chic Women in Rome

Discover beautiful and handmade elegant dresses and evening wear for teens and chic women, designed by two stylish ladies. Find stunning tops made in velvet and paired with soft trousers, perfect for chilly spring weather in Roma.

Discover many independent designers with private labels like these in Rome on a private half or full day personal shopping trip with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona.

Go horseback riding in the tuscan coastal town Maremma. Plan your vacation with Barbara Lessona

Horseback riding in Maremma

Maremma is a beautiful coastal town in Tuscany, rich with culture and history. Its location already makes it an off-the-beaten-path place to visit, but to really take advantage of all of the activities availalbe in Maremma it’s best to have someone help you. Countess Concierge can help you organize private tours, by car or horseback, and discover the stunning natural scenery in Maremma. Enjoy lunch in a private cottage or on an open lawn with a full panoramic view of Argentario and Maremma. You’ll be accompanied by professional instructors and guides also to help explain what you’re seeing.

After spending the day on the horse, spend some time at the sea. Even outside the summer months Maremma is a lovely nature destination, full of interesting flora and fauna to explore. It’s a keen spot for birdwatching and nature hikes.

Just about an hour and a half from Rome, you can discover an entirely different view of the Tuscan countryside at Maremma, from a car, horseback, by foot or bicycle. There are also plenty of wine tasting options available. It’s best to visit a place like Maremma with someone who knows it well – how about someone who’s spent her whole life enjoying the natural beauty?

Discover Maremma with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona!

Beautiful Roman Getaway at Lake Bolsena near Rome in Italy. Book with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona

Tranquil Roman Getaway: Lake Bolsena

Arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in central Italy and just an hour outside the city of Rome, Lake Bolsena is a fabulous location for a romantic Roman getaway or the not-so-traditional family vacation to Rome. The lake is volcanic but it’s perfect for bathing and water sports and located near an old village that’s full of beautiful and interesting history. Being located so close to Rome, the weather is pleasant all year round . There are plenty of charming options for accommodations, such as a Visconte Palazzo with incredible rooms and frescoes. Take a walk along the Francigena, the road the ancient romans used to make their way France.
During the summer months, the lake is the perfect place to relax away from the chaos of most of Rome’s beaches, or play in the water (equipment for water sports are available to rent).or head to the beautiful Umbrian town of Orvieto for a walk in the small city center, it’s all just 15 minutes away. In fact, you can reach several interesting little towns, such as Val d’Orcia which is just about 60 Km north. Countess Concierge can organize special wine tastings, Olive oil tastings, a visit to a peonia garden (a very unique experience!), local restaurants and other off-the-beaten-path history tips.
Discover Lake Bolsena with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona!
Beautiful Roman Getaway at Lake Bolsena near Rome in Italy. Book with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona

Shop for fashion jewelry on Via Margutta in Rome with Barbara Lessona

Shop for Fashion Jewelry on Via Margutta in Rome

Like fashion jewelry? These pieces are from one of my favorite artisan shops on the iconic artist street, Via Margutta. An accessory like one of these can take an ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary.
Have a dull black dress you want to use but don’t know how? This is the best place ever. Find one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in wood, resin, mother-of-pearl, and other soft materials turned into wearable sculptures. They look heavy, but they’re actually quite light and look stunning. There are few stores in Rome that offer the variety and style of jewelry like this. Check out this store and others with me, and I can get you the best deal.
Ilove these accessories they make it easy to look beautiful , easy to travel they are must haves!

Unique experience in Rome's backyard, horseback riding. A Barbara Lessona Exclusive!

Go horseback riding in Rome’s Backyard

Don’t give up horseback riding just because you’re on vacation in Rome! I know a place just outside the city where you can meet with an instructor and have a lesson, or just take a horse out for a refreshing, gorgeous ride around the Roman countryside. The stables and polo track are located right next to an ancient part of the Roman acquaduct, adding to the experience that you could only have in a place like Rome. The owner is an Italo-American, so speaking English is no problem. But then again, planning your excursions through Countess Concierge with me, you’re sure to have a smooth ride through Italy.

Private wine tours organized by Barbara Lessona Countess Concierge

Wine Tasting in the Rolling Hills of Maremma

The region of Maremma produces a famous red wine known as Morellino. You can visit beautiful properties and drive through the rolling hills down to the sea with a stunning panoramic view of Giglio Island, Elba, Montecristo and of course the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
For suggestions to create the best itineraries, rustic agriturismi accommodations, charming hotels, or private villas contact Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona.
Maremma is a lovely little area that’s conveniently central for itineraries including Rome, Florence, Versilia and Cinque Terre. A great off-the-beaten-track kind of place!

Unique handcrafted Italian jewellry Made in Italy

Money Go Round – Italian Craftsmanship

American casino poker chips are mounted with incredible Italian craftsmanship by vintage jewelry designer, Francesca Villa. Money go Round are constructed using vintage poker chips, delicately mounted in a sophisticated ring of yellow gold, pink gold, silver. The various colors make each bracelet, choker and necklace unique and easily combined to become a stunning collection when worn together. True conversation pieces because they instantly make people curious, they are all easy to wear with any type of clothing. Easily dress them up or down, they can become elegant or casual. Available only in Rome!

Corner of Italy

Experience a Relais Chateau 30 min. from Rome!

An incredibly memorable experience at a relais chateau just 30 minutes from Rome! Fully decked out with a tennis court, heliport, indoor swimming pool, located right on the water. The chefs prepare incredible food freshly every day as you bask in centuries of history that surrounds you. These villas were originally constructed for Roman aristocratic families to spend summer vacations when the city became too hot, the wealthy took refuge at their “buen retiro” maximum of 30 kilometers from their city residence.

Times change but the atmosphere is still unique. Staying in such a unique location such as this, you can feel and understand what life was like and how the wealthy lived, as you’re surrounded by elements that were part of their lifestyle. While some measures have been taken to update the property, it still feels like a 400+ year old summer home. Transportation from Fiumicino airport is 15 min or 45 min from the center of Rome. Interested in reliving history here for your next vacation? Countess Concierge can help you plan!