mountain family vacation by Countess Concierge Barbara Lessona

Mountain & Ski Vacation in Italy

Heading to the mountains in a foreign country can be risky – but it’s hassle-free with Countess Concierge! Italy has some of the best places for skiing, and not necessarily far from Rome! Travelling just an hour or so can take you to a snowy wonderland where you’ll be suiting up in no time! And like any vacation in Italy, there is plenty of history and culture to take in when you’re not hitting the slopes. Check out castles and ruins, or learn about traditional foods from local producers!

Beautiful Roman Getaway at Lake Bolsena near Rome in Italy. Book with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona

Tranquil Roman Getaway: Lake Bolsena

Arguably one of the most beautiful lakes in central Italy and just an hour outside the city of Rome, Lake Bolsena is a fabulous location for a romantic Roman getaway or the not-so-traditional family vacation to Rome. The lake is volcanic but it’s perfect for bathing and water sports and located near an old village that’s full of beautiful and interesting history. Being located so close to Rome, the weather is pleasant all year round . There are plenty of charming options for accommodations, such as a Visconte Palazzo with incredible rooms and frescoes. Take a walk along the Francigena, the road the ancient romans used to make their way France.
During the summer months, the lake is the perfect place to relax away from the chaos of most of Rome’s beaches, or play in the water (equipment for water sports are available to rent).or head to the beautiful Umbrian town of Orvieto for a walk in the small city center, it’s all just 15 minutes away. In fact, you can reach several interesting little towns, such as Val d’Orcia which is just about 60 Km north. Countess Concierge can organize special wine tastings, Olive oil tastings, a visit to a peonia garden (a very unique experience!), local restaurants and other off-the-beaten-path history tips.
Discover Lake Bolsena with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona!
Beautiful Roman Getaway at Lake Bolsena near Rome in Italy. Book with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona

Private wine tours organized by Barbara Lessona Countess Concierge

Wine Tasting in the Rolling Hills of Maremma

The region of Maremma produces a famous red wine known as Morellino. You can visit beautiful properties and drive through the rolling hills down to the sea with a stunning panoramic view of Giglio Island, Elba, Montecristo and of course the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.
For suggestions to create the best itineraries, rustic agriturismi accommodations, charming hotels, or private villas contact Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona.
Maremma is a lovely little area that’s conveniently central for itineraries including Rome, Florence, Versilia and Cinque Terre. A great off-the-beaten-track kind of place!