Admiring the Spring Summer Fendi Collection at palazzo Fendi in Rome!

Every time I step in the palazzo Fendi my memory goes back forty years , amazing history of fashion brought into the most contemporary setting in one of the most beautiful concept stores in the world! The tour of the artisanal work behind the scenes will leave you without words! impossible to imagine ladies working in the lab since 1968…….today still there ! The visit with me and my storytelling is unique  ( this is what people say!!!!! )


On the ground floor the “Selleria” Peek a boo stands out and specially what is unique is that you can buy it only in Rome! There are very few so they are numbered.

Upstairs the colecction and the glass see through laboratory shows the amazing tailor made artisan work that you cannot believe if you don’t actually see it!

Spring summer 2017 shoes are to bee seen . From Flats to heels you will have a ball!



the magic of via margutta

Experience the magic of Via Margutta

The artists’ street – it’s like nowhere else in Rome. Effortlessly elegant and serene, this cobbled, ivy-draped lane feels like a village despite its glamorous artistic and cinematic history. It’s a friendly, local haunt, with families who have have lived here for generations, yet just around the corner are the Spanish Steps, Piazza del Popolo, and all the designer brands you could desire, like Prada, Gucci, Bulgari, Fendi, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Chanel, and many others.

Via Margutta is truly a hidden gem in the center of Rome. It’s a small side street that parallels Via Babuino and offers a respite from the chaotic and busy streets of the Tridente District (the triangular shaped area that connects Piazza di Venezia, Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza di Spagna). The steet is characterized by the plethora of independent art galleries, small cafes and shops, and very characteristic, vine-covered buildings. Just walking the quaint little street, you can feel the history and lives lived there. Now you can experience the magic of Via Margutta in a whole different way, staying in converted artist studios turned vacation apartments.

In 1858, Francesco Patrizi Montoro built a beautiful Palazzo housing artists’ studios on Via Margutta. It’s still owned and lived in by his descendants, so there’s a sense of family history here. The owner of Margutta Glamour Studios, his great-grand daughter, is an interior designer, who has created four stunning apartments occupying the former studios and part of the palazzo.
Picasso and Stravinsky once worked in Via Margutta’s studios, and film director Federico Fellini lived here. In the movie, Roman Holiday with the iconic Audrey Hepburn, the character played by Gregory Peck also lived on Via Margutta. The street was a centre for film stars in the 1950s and 60s at the height of the Dolce Vita era and there’s still an important dubbing studio here today, as well as art galleries, antique shops, art restorers, and a marble engraver.

Margutta Glamour Studios are a collection of 4 apartments: the Luxury Loft, Visconti Bright Apartment, Margutta Roman Apartment, and the Charming Apartment. They vary in size, but are all located in the lovely and historic Patrizi palazzo where Pablo Picasso worked and passed some of his time while in Rome. The largest of the four, the airy and bright Luxury Loft, was once the studio of  famed Italian sculptor Fausto Melotti.

The large, 3m high windows that perforate the facade are historic indication of late 19th century invention, and highlight the building’s use as a place for artists and makers. Many of the spaces are still used for this purpose – a fabulous art historian has his studio just beside the Luxury Loft. You can often see him working on the restoration of some classical masterpiece. Where else in the world can you experience something like that!?

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Personal Shopper in Rome Barbara Lessona Chic Fashion for Women

Elegant Fashion for Chic Women in Rome

Discover beautiful and handmade elegant dresses and evening wear for teens and chic women, designed by two stylish ladies. Find stunning tops made in velvet and paired with soft trousers, perfect for chilly spring weather in Roma.

Discover many independent designers with private labels like these in Rome on a private half or full day personal shopping trip with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona.

Shop for fashion jewelry on Via Margutta in Rome with Barbara Lessona

Shop for Fashion Jewelry on Via Margutta in Rome

Like fashion jewelry? These pieces are from one of my favorite artisan shops on the iconic artist street, Via Margutta. An accessory like one of these can take an ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary.
Have a dull black dress you want to use but don’t know how? This is the best place ever. Find one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in wood, resin, mother-of-pearl, and other soft materials turned into wearable sculptures. They look heavy, but they’re actually quite light and look stunning. There are few stores in Rome that offer the variety and style of jewelry like this. Check out this store and others with me, and I can get you the best deal.
Ilove these accessories they make it easy to look beautiful , easy to travel they are must haves!

Unique handcrafted Italian jewellry Made in Italy

Money Go Round – Italian Craftsmanship

American casino poker chips are mounted with incredible Italian craftsmanship by vintage jewelry designer, Francesca Villa. Money go Round are constructed using vintage poker chips, delicately mounted in a sophisticated ring of yellow gold, pink gold, silver. The various colors make each bracelet, choker and necklace unique and easily combined to become a stunning collection when worn together. True conversation pieces because they instantly make people curious, they are all easy to wear with any type of clothing. Easily dress them up or down, they can become elegant or casual. Available only in Rome!