Go horseback riding in the tuscan coastal town Maremma. Plan your vacation with Barbara Lessona

Horseback riding in Maremma

Maremma is a beautiful coastal town in Tuscany, rich with culture and history. Its location already makes it an off-the-beaten-path place to visit, but to really take advantage of all of the activities availalbe in Maremma it’s best to have someone help you. Countess Concierge can help you organize private tours, by car or horseback, and discover the stunning natural scenery in Maremma. Enjoy lunch in a private cottage or on an open lawn with a full panoramic¬†view of Argentario and Maremma. You’ll be accompanied by professional instructors and guides also to help explain what you’re seeing.

After spending the day on the horse, spend some time at the sea. Even outside the summer months Maremma is a lovely nature destination, full of interesting flora and fauna to explore. It’s a keen spot for birdwatching and nature hikes.

Just about an hour and a half from Rome, you can discover an entirely different view of the Tuscan countryside at Maremma, from a car, horseback, by foot or bicycle. There are also plenty of wine tasting options available. It’s best to visit a place like Maremma with someone who knows it well – how about someone who’s spent her whole life enjoying the natural beauty?

Discover Maremma with Countess Concierge by Barbara Lessona!