Countess Concierge Services

Many services may be offered remotely for clients located outside Rome. Support local businesses in Rome during COVID-19! Contact me for more information.

Personal Shopping

This service can be executed on demand at distance. You can order custom made or send a present to someone.

Personal Wedding Organization

Personal Relocation Services

Find a home for vacation, business, sabbatical, which includes the possibility of organizing bureaucratic paperwork.

Home Staging or Decorating a New Flat

We can take care of total renovation and decoration from start to finish.

Send a Gift to a Friend

We can choose anything you wish from clothing to accessories to a bottle of wine and send it to a friend.


If you are planning a visit to Italy Barbara and her tips can give you advice for a perfect itinerary, from the Dolomites to Puglia. Describe your lifestyle and she will personally put it together.


The most private and special tours but also a combination of things to see off the beaten path.


Personal trainer, polo and horseback riding, tennis lessons, spend a day with an Italian Tennis champion and get the story of the roaring 70s.

Bespoke Itineraries in Rome and Italy

From start to finish, Barbara can design a custom itinerary that takes into consideration your individual factors. As a local, she has an expert lay of the land and understands the the importance of a balanced itinerary to make sure you enjoy an enriching experience in Rome and Italy without feeling exhausted at the end of your vacation.

Wedding Planner in Rome
Wedding & Special Events Planner in Rome

Getting married? the most incredible moment of your life has to be happy, and finding the right wedding planner means the difference between a stressful and a stress-free wedding day. Give Starting with just your inspiration, a few ideas, and of course a clear budget, Barbara is more than capable to find you the best solution.

Wine Tasting
Wine Tours

The variety of wine in Italy is immense since the country is host to many different geographical regions and climate – explore them all with personalized wine tours designed by Countess Concierge!

Personal Shopper in Rome
Personal Shopper in Rome

When you imagine shopping in Rome you might think of just strolling around the center of town and buy what you see at a glance. Rome has many secrets and many are not evident, nobody imagines how many hidden, high quality artisans and unique places you can miss if you don’t have someone to take you and show you.

Relocation Services Rome
Places to Stay in Rome & Relocation Services

Are you coming to Rome on vacation? Are you coming for a long stay and seeking relocation services? Perhaps you are on sabbatical or academic leave? Are you an author and coming to Rome for inspiration? I can help you find a flat in Rome with services and all expenses included for the entire time you’re here.

Selected Restaurants in Rome
Places to Eat & Italian Cooking

Before planning a trip to Italy one of the essential thoughts about this country with 20 different regions is “the amazing Italian food”. Whether you are a professional “gourmet” or simply passionate about food we can outline your personal itinerary.

Sport Itineraries in Italy
Itineraries in Italy - Sport & Adventure

Italy’s various natural landscapes and unique places present the possibility for a host of different experiences all over Italy, depending on the region and its geographical terrain and climate. If you are traveling for a long time and looking for some adventure or sport or simply want to experience Italy through different activities then we offer various proposals for sport and adventure tours.