Personal Shopper in Rome

When you imagine shopping in Rome you might think of just strolling around the center of town and buy what you see at a glance. Rome has many secrets and many are not evident, nobody imagines how many hidden, high quality artisans and unique places you can miss if you don’t have someone to take you and show you. Where time is an important element giving Barbara your preferences can make you discover all of these secrets in one day. Barbara Lessona has spent the last thirty years searching for the best, hidden and unusual places. She can offer a real experience and make you want to come back soon and see more of her special spots.

Tell her your favorite theme and she will surprise you! Are you crazy for shoes? Hats? Leather? Hand-made high fashion blouses in the most incredible fabrics? Would you like to have a special visit to the new Fendi store and see how leather and fur is made directly in the laboratory? Would you like to visit the most beautiful showroom of purses and clutch bags all one-of-a-kind? And be the only one to have it? You will have the best time and go back home with a suitcase full of “Made in Italy” and “Made in Rome” from your Roman fashion experience.

Personal shopping experiences are half or full day. Private car service can be organized upon request.

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