Places to Eat + Italian Cooking


If you want to have a true experience and leave enough time for a private cooking lesson we can give you the best advice and organize it for you at a school or directly where you’re staying. If you’re renting an apartment a private chef can cook for you and your family a delicious, beautiful, and simple Italian meal. Bespoke is always a nice philosophy as it gives you the opportunity to choose your way to enjoy an Italian tradition. Are you traveling with your family and prefer services at home? Would you like advice for places that are child-friendly? Are you traveling with your girlfriend or boyfriend and want a nice restaurant to pop the question? Are you visiting Rome for your wedding anniversary and want to surprise your spouse with an incredible experience? Consult Barbara and she will have the answer for you.

Before planning a trip to Italy one of the essential thoughts about this country with 20 different regions is “the amazing Italian food”. Whether you are a professional “gourmet” or simply passionate about food we can outline your personal itinerary. At first impression every Italian restaurant seems incredible, but to get the most authentic food experience you need someone to guide you and make sure you’re hitting places that can give you the “real” Italian traditional food and nothing else. Countess Concierge is considerate to quality, price, and real local, non-tourist restaurants. If we take Rome as an example, during the nice season eating outside in a beautiful piazza is the best thing you can ask for, but cherry picking among the authentic is necessary. Food is very personal and indicating your preferences Barbara can organize a selection of places you won’t forget.