Places to Stay in Rome & Relocation Services


Cherrypicking your vacation home with Countess Concierge is a fun experience! Are you coming to Rome on vacation? Are you coming for a long stay and seeking relocation services? Perhaps you are on sabbatical or academic leave? Are you a young stageur and need advice on where to live? Are you an author and coming to Rome for inspiration? I can help you find a flat in Rome with services and all expenses included for the entire time you’re here. If you’re coming for work and need help to organize your family I provide a “relocation” service according to your needs. Often times the nicest properties are not on the market, so my “word of mouth” scouting format is always the best.

*After settling into your new home, I can provide a half-day tour introducing you to the neighborhood very important especially for longer stays .

How I select my favourite homes for you:

  1. The first step is a briefing to discuss the budget and location options
  2. The most important aspects for me are location and quality of the property
  3.  The apartments I choose are always well-maintained , charming, clean and include superior services
  4. The apartments I select have to have something special – what’s ideal for one client isn’t necessarily the right solution for another
  5. I can offer extra “tailor made” advice for special tours during your stay

Let Countess Concierge guide you through the choice, just let me know your arrival and departure dates, ideal budget and any preferences!

Below are some examples of my favourite properties, including Margutta Glamour Studios and others!