Shop for fashion jewelry on Via Margutta in Rome with Barbara Lessona

Shop for Fashion Jewelry on Via Margutta in Rome

Like fashion jewelry? These pieces are from one of my favorite artisan shops on the iconic artist street, Via Margutta. An accessory like one of these can take an ensemble from ordinary to extraordinary.
Have a dull black dress you want to use but don’t know how? This is the best place ever. Find one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces in wood, resin, mother-of-pearl, and other soft materials turned into wearable sculptures. They look heavy, but they’re actually quite light and look stunning. There are few stores in Rome that offer the variety and style of jewelry like this. Check out this store and others with me, and I can get you the best deal.
Ilove these accessories they make it easy to look beautiful , easy to travel they are must haves!