Bespoke Services by Barbara Lessona

Barbara Lessona

What is Countess concierge? what does it offer?

Barbara Lessona has been providing special services for friends, American editors visiting Rome and visitors from around the world for decades. As a teenager she used to ride her vespa and constantly update her notebook with new and exciting addresses around Rome. Her natural organizational and networking skills proved most important for her success while creating what would become Countess Concierge.
After fifteen years as a professional in Public Relations, she decided to turn her talent and passion into a career in 2003. She came up with the concept for bespoke concierge services after dealing with the concierges of the most famous hotels, she wanted to provide services like a concierge and thus … Countess Concierge was born!
She loves her clients and her city, it shows and makes all the difference for a fantastic stay! The idea is to provide a full package of organized itineraries and travel suggestions for the best vacation. Where to stay? What to do? Which is best? When to do it? Who to go with? quality is the biggest consideration. Hotels, short-let apartments, venues, restaurants, , drivers, shopping the brands, off the beaten track, the artisans, classic sightseeing, contemporary art, but also special tours: everything Barbara composes is custom tailored to you.
It is nearly  impossible to find something or someone Barbara doesen’t know,  so from the minute you step off the plane she can help you with every detail of your vacation, business trip, wedding and much more!

About Barbara Lessona

Barbara Lessona, Italo-american, her father an Italian Count from a roman  aristocratic family, her mother an american journalist. Her grandmother’s family at the end of the 19th century designed and constructed the well-known “artists studios” on Via Margutta. To this day a part of her family still lives there and offers apartments for short let to visitors in Rome. She specializes in very nice accommodations all around the area of the Spanish Steps.
Her husband, Alberto, is from Piedmont, and is a walking encyclopedia for food and wine. Among his best friends are chefs with Michelin stars, but above it all is a great passion for tradition Italian food expressed through top quality. Together, Barbara and Alberto make an incredible team offering their organizational prowess for organizing memorable trips anywhere in Italy. Their  two teenage daughters help with fashion ideas for our young clients and give us great ideas for entertainment, the best advice for all ages.

Barbara is a veritable “Renaissance woman”, and in just a few degrees seems to know just about every person in Rome. She has access to places that very few have in Italy. A very skillful organizer and coordinator, as a result of her uncanny multitasking ability, she can give the same care and attention to detail to a 200-guest wedding or corporate event as an intimate catered dinner for 10 in a private villa. She is known for arranging private tours and events into places such as the Vineyards of Marchesi de’ Frescobaldi, Odescalchi Castle and many other beautiful locations and special venues in Rome that still belong to the original families.

She provides a wide variety of personal services such as wedding location scouting and planning, private jet and boat charters, luxury hotel reservations, personal shopping, private wine tours, chef-led cooking lessons and much more. Consider her as your personal Countess Concierge in Rome.

It’s said that “an incredible experience makes a happy traveller”. Barbara takes this to heart, making sure each experience or event she organizes is personalized and unique.