Barbara Lessona is simply amazing. There’s not a problem that she cannot solve, no connection that she cannot make.

We are a retired American couple from San Francisco. Both with successful careers in business. We arrived with a plan to live in Rome for one year, the fulfillment of a long-held dream. We’d been to Rome on several prior occasions. I had become an Italian citizen four years before our arrival. I had achieved a beginner’s level of Italian. I’d done my homework on what I thought it would take to live in Rome for a year. We thought we were ready. Despite our preparation, we needed help. Enter Contessa Concierge!

Barbara found and helped us lease, renovate and equip a dream artist studio apartment on the best street in Rome, Via Margutta.

Barbara is a problem solver. Codice fiscale? No problem. A package from home stuck in Customs? Done. Dentist? Check. Plumber? Check.

And she has good taste and gives good advice. Where to escape the heat during the month of August? Solved. Need a florist? Check. Recommendations on where to buy just about anything in Rome? Check.

Barbara has an exclusive and comprehensive network. She seems to know everyone from the Roman aristocracy to the best butcher in the City. She opens doors and she opens hearts. She has greatly enhanced our year in Rome.

It somehow seems like Barbara is available 24/7, and always generously ready to assist with everything from personal services and suggestions for events, to transportation. Everything is done with a smile, a great sense of humor, a lot of personality, and a can-do attitude that she attributes to being American-Italian or Italian-American. That’s the point. Barbara’s perfectly bilingual and bicultural. She gets it from both perspectives. And that’s just what we needed to successfully transition from being visitors to living everyday life in Rome.

We found a friend. Thank you, Barbara!

San Francisco, CA - October 2022


Barbara gave me the joy of finding the perfect Christmas gift for my lovely daughter-in-law in Rome during the pandemic. My son and his family had just moved to Rome, and my son said my daughter-in-law needed a stylish raincoat. It is hard enough to find a coat when you know the stores in the US but finding one in Rome and having it delivered on-time seemed impossible.

I searched for personal shoppers on the internet and was struck by all the positive reviews for Barbara – especially the one from the father who hired Barbara to find clothes for his daughter. My experience was equally positive and magical. I emailed Barbara on a Saturday night – six days before Christmas. On Sunday, we talked about budget, style, size. She was in touch with me all week with various excellent options and worked so hard to find one in the store in the right size – racing against the clock of the COVID-19 shut down of the city for the holiday. On Thursday – Christmas Eve – Barbara delivered the most perfect stylish coat in a beautiful red bag with a handwritten note. My daughter-in-law sent me this text, “Just got an interesting delivery over here! Suddenly Mommy can’t wait for Christmas morning!” She was thrilled with the coat. I cannot thank Barbara enough for making this happen and plan to use her for other services.

USA, January 2021


Cara Barbara,
Volevo informarti che il Rating score del nostro Survey è stato 9,75 !
Tra Excellent ed Extraordinary!! grazie per tutta l’organizzazione fantastica

YPO Private Cooking Show for 18pax in a Private Palazzo


The Villa has full service and possibility to rent boat and have all special tours of the area including wine tours
Quando la professionalità e l’amicizia si coniugano ecco il risultato. Non cito mai nessuno ma #BarbaraLessona merita un plauso. Non solo mi ha aiutata nella ricerca di una casa al mare che non speravo più di trovare ma pure il letto pieno di sorprese. Non meritavo tanto. Un grazie pubblico.

Welcome presents
foto review romana

Porto Ercole, June 2020


Cara Barbara
Ti ringrazio per la tua disponibilità e per le tue competenze su qualsiasi richiesta, argomento. Sei sempre disponibile con soluzioni valide ed immediate e sempre di ottimo gusto. Dalle case che ti ho richiesto all’Argentario (belle importanti), a Roma per amici in arrivo, ai ristoranti, catering, location, shopping (tutto sempre top). Oggi ho avuto bisogno di acquistare dei fiori ed in un minuto mi hai risolto il problema in modo veloce ed elegante. Grazie per la tua disponibilità e professionalità.

Rome, Gennaio 2021


Some people say that the feeling you have for a city depends on the people you encounter while you are there.
I have lived in Rome for 4 years and I have loved the eternal city even more since I met Barbara.
By the time I met her – during a wonderful aperitivo in a suggestive location in via del Babuino – she has been always there for me, in both private and work life, representing an important point of reference for me and for several colleagues of mine.

One day, after several uncomfortable lodging experiences, I asked for her help and with an incredible timeline she allowed me to pick – among several great options – a gorgeous brand-new apartment closed to the Vatican City, with a wonderful landlord who allowed me to leave the happiest and safest time in Rome.

Her exclusive network, knowledge, sensibility, generosity, taste, energy, personality, have been and continue to be an incredible asset for my life in Rome. Attentions that I will always treasure, that I am deeply grateful for and that I would highly recommend to whomever want to live Rome in the most unique way.

Thank you Barbara, you are amazing.

August 2020


Barbara is… unique! she found us a dream house in Rome for 4 months and has taken care of me like no one else! shopping, visits, but also doctors, veterinaries, cooks…with Barbara everything is simple, easy and in addition she is always in a good mood and totally available. She has the best addresses but most importantly she asks lots of questions to better direct you and find you what suits you best. Barbara is MY reference in Rome, and now she is my friend!

Summer 2020


I had a spectacular personal shopping experience with Barbara. On my previous visits to Rome, I was always frustrated trying to find my way beyond the tourist fare of Via del Corso and designer names I could get at home. My afternoon with Barbara was like suddenly having a friend with impeccable taste who knows all the best shops, all the best local makers of clothing, shoes, and jewelry, and all the best restaurants and places to go, as well! Shopping was only one small part of the pleasure of getting to see and touch stunning jewelry, hats, shoes and handbags that are truly works of art, and experiencing an insider’s entrée into a community of talented designers and shop curators. I brought home a full suitcase of beautiful things, and receive compliments every time I wear them because they are strikingly unique and well-made. I can’t wait to go back to Rome and shop with Barbara again!

April 2018


My daughter had traveled to Rome, Italy, but did not pack enough warm clothes and jackets for her Pilgrimage. She is from the Philippines and has not experienced colder weather. I live in the U.S. and received an email from her. She was desperate for assistance because she was very cold and had no time to go shopping with her busy schedule. She had tried to buy some clothing online from Amazon, but they wouldn’t arrive for 3 or 4 days. I went online to look for a personal shopper in Rome and sent an inquiry to a couple of them, hoping for any reply. By some miracle I received an email reply from Barbara’s company Countess Concierge offering to help. She offered her phone number and I called her and was thankful she spoke English, and told her what I needed. We decided on a budget and she went to work, knowing exactly where to go.  She communicated with me as she was shopping. She not only bought all the items within our budget, but they were fashionable and she delivered them personally to my daughters hotel with a nice note to her and offering further assistance if necessary. My daughter got back from her events of the day and was totally surprised by the number of shopping bags waiting for her. She wrote me these words; “How did you perform such magic?” She loved them all, and it’s not easy to impress an 18 year old. Barbara made me look like a hero to my daughter by caring about my and her situation. You have to have a heart to do something like that, and it showed that day with Barbara. Thank you for that!

God bless,

Doug E.

Easter 2018


Dear Barbara,

As our family leaves Rome after a year, we wanted you to know that you enriched our experience here immeasurably! Without you we wouldn’t have found the exquisite cottage we called home or been introduced to so many unique people and places that shaped our time here. You helped us with so, so much: from personally showing us the right places to buy everything from groceries to winter coats, to organizing birthday and cocktail parties. Not only did you recommend fabulous excursions for us when we wanted to explore other parts of Italy, you called restaurants and inns that always welcomed us as if we were family. The number of people you know in this country is astounding!
For our friends who come to Rome in the future we need only give one bit of advice: here’s Barbara Lessona’s contact info – let her know what you need and she will take care of absolutely everything, without fail. And if you need help deciding what to do or where to go, Barbara will create a truly memorable experience.
We’re sure you’ve heard this many times from your clients, but what makes you so unique is that you care. You care and you deliver. Always, and with a smile.
Grazie di cuore Barbara! Baci e abbracci,

September 2017


Nous avons confié à Barbara Lessona la recherche de la villa ainsi que l’organisation de notre séjour dans la région de Porto Ercole, d’une durée de trois semaines au mois d’août 2017

Grâce à Barbara, notre séjour a été un véritable enchantement.

En premier lieu, elle a su nous trouver une maison qui répondait en tous points à nos exigences, comprenant parfaitement nos attentes et nos envies.

Puis, elle a organisé notre arrivée et notre présence dans la région dans les meilleures conditions.

Ainsi, après nous avoir accueilli et installé, elle nous a accompagné durant tout notre séjour dans la découverte de la région, nous donnant une multitude de conseils et recommandations des plus précieuses, se rendant toujours disponible pour nous accompagner.

Elle nous a organisé des moments inoubliables, des sorties en bateau, la découverte d’îles, nous a organisé des visites confidentielles dans les plus beaux villages, nous a fait enfin découvrir des restaurants confidentiels d’une grande qualité.

Barbara a fait de ce séjour des vacances d’exception, se préoccupant de chaque détail, ce qui a nous permis de profiter non plus en simple touriste mais en connaisseurs de la région.

Nous ne pouvons que recommander vivement les services de Barbara, dont la bienveillance, le professionalisme et l’implication sont tout à fait exceptionnels.

Août 2017


Thank you so much for the magnificent treatment you gave us the other day. You are wonderful!! I am now in love with Fendi, so I will have to come back!

August 2017


One of the houses I selected for a holiday, short term or long term with important details to make your stay memorable:

The apartment is in the heart of Rome, right at Piazza del Popolo and Villa Borghese, with Spagna and the Prati district a few minutes away (5-10 minutes). While the Metro and bus stop is extremely close with just a few footsteps away (1-2 minutes), it is in a quiet little street without any traffic noise. The apartment faces the east and west side, so you will see the sunrise in the morning and experience the sunset in the evening. You can enjoy both on your private terrasse that has 180° views facing the beautiful green gardens of Villa Borghese and the green Gianicolo hill. As terrasses usually only exist on the highest floors of a building, this is a unique feature. It is even better as you will have some flowers, a table, chairs and electric outdoor lights if you want to sit outside in the evening. The apartment comes with a washing machine and a drying rack, as well as a TV (italian) and a small kitchen with a gas stove (fully equipped). While the lovely owner Marzia lives a few blocks away, her family lives on the same floor and when I closed the door and forgot the keys, they were right there to help me out. While the apartment is pretty perfect already on its own, it is Marzia who truly makes it a home away from home. On my first work day, she texted me good luck and from time to time she was asking if everything was ok. I can highly recommend the apartment both for a long-term stay as I had booked it, as well as for a short sightseeing trip.

June 2017 (2 month stay)


I arrived in Rome a month ago and Barbara founded my apartment. The location and the kind of apartment was exactly what I was looking for. She helped me to leave everything set up before started living there, she told me a list of things I could find around and took my telephone number. The week before she agreed certain things to put in the apartment with the owner in order to make me feel more comfortable and she came with me to find anything I needed. She also found me a housekeeper who perfectly matches with my preferences: in terms of personality, discipline, cleanness and friendly. Today Barbara came to my apartment to fix something it wasn’t working and she stayed with me until the problem was solved. She has a big capacity to face any situation and to find a solution the fastest possible trying to find a good agreement between both sides. She is emotionally intelligent so always knows how to approach the guest and how to read the guests expectations in order to save time and to get closer to the goal.
I am still in contact with her and whenever I have a question I can count on her and know she will try to find the solution.
She is one of that people who I can feel comfortable living in Rome because I know there is somebody I can be in touch with during my stay.
Isabel R.

June / November 2016


We all arrived home safely.
Thank you, thank you for our amazing shopping adventures.  You are so sweet and so knowledgeable,  You made the day super fun for all of us.  I loved all of your insight and stories.
The evening visit to Benedetta’s  apartment was so incredibly humbling.  She is so talented and sweet and interesting!

January 2017


Wonderful and unique experience in Rome. Barbara made our fantastic stay possible, finding me a place in a strategic location with sweet landlord Marzia who prepared a welcome drink at my arrival from tuscany. Very central, where everything is nearby in just a few minutes on foot. The small boutiques she recommended and the special places which I would not have otherwise seen as a tourist were fantastic. Because of her tips, I discovered enchanting places beyond imagination.
Kind and reliable, Barbara is always magical! I strongly recommend her, the will make your stay in Rome an amazing and unforgettable experience.


Esperienza bellissima ed unica a Roma. Barbara ha reso possibile un soggiorno fantastico, mettendomi a disposizione un appartamento in posizione strategica, accolta anche da dolcissima padrona di casa Marzia che mi ha preparato un aperitivo di benvenuto. Centralissimo da cui tutto è raggiungibile a piedi in pochi minuti. Fantastiche le piccole boutique che mi ha consigliato ed i luoghi speciali nei quali altrimenti, da turista, non sarei mai andata. Attraverso i suoi consigli ho scoperto scenari incantati, lontani da ogni mia immaginazione.

December 2016


Fabulous photos Barbara.  Thank you so much for the memorable day!!  Our friends loved it and so enjoyed spending the day with you.  It was their favorite experience in Rome!
Un bacione

September 2016


You are amazing.  Wow they are such a beautiful couple.  Thank you for making everything so special for them.  I am so grateful and you just make everything better and better.  Rome will be amazing for the dinner!  Xx

October 2016


Hi Barbara

Daniel & I really enjoyed staying at the apartment on Via Margutta. Thank you for taking on our booking at the last minute.  Paolo picked us up ahead of time and got us to the airport smoothly – he was great – very professional and warm.

We really enjoyed the apartment – it’s location was great and we did come to love the neighbourhood just as you predicted.

Many thanks

September 2016


Dear Barbara,
Thanks for your kind mail.
I trust you are doing well.
We have very much enjoined the shopping tour with you. Anne has received the items from both shops… when we came back to the hotel my wife  has tried each of the items and she was so satisfied that she wanted to call and thank you.
We have realized that immediately from the beginning of our first meeting with you, you have precisely felt her taste and that is why the tour with you was so successful.
Many thanks again and hope to see you in our next trip to Italy.

October 2016


Barbara took me under her wing when I was working in Rome for six weeks in 2009, and made my stay in Rome truly memorable, showing me a side of the city I’d never explored before. She is warm, funny, generous and thoughtful, and took me to places that she knew would suit my interests and needs (I was researching shopping in Rome for Lonely Planet guidebooks). As well as helping me scout out some absolutely one-of-a-kind places, Barbara is a great person to spend time with: she knows everyone, knows all the best places to buy the most exquisite things, and is charming, witty easygoing, and fabulously organised.

Travel Writer


You ARE the best!!!! Wooohoooo!!!! Thank you so much! Can’t wait to see the hotel! Sounds like a dream… Xoxo


Domizia’s apartment is located in the perfect area to be based to see all the must see sights of Rome. The accommodation itself is very comfortable, modern and has all the essential comforts of home. All the rooms are quiet and the terrace is ideal for al fresco dining. What also comes with renting this property is the possibility of having local and priceless knowledge from Domizia’s,Barbara. She is amazing, in that she catered all of our stay to are personal need’s. Anything is possible,from airport transfers,personal history tour guides,authentic italian restaurants,cafes,bars to a unforgettable private dinner cooked by our own private chef with breathtaking views of Rome.l would highly recommend staying in Domizia’s apartment,and contacting Barbara to tailor your stay to your needs.Thank You so much Peggy and Justin (review from AirBnB)


Dear Barbara, I’m am so excited that you were available to work with us!


The service was impeccable we loved all of the suggestions Barbara gave us and will surely recommend her to our friends.Well done